R.E.A.L. Leadership

An important part of my daily routine is to schedule time to read. Funnily enough, I have never really been an avid reader, but being intentional about it in the last couple of years has made me realize how important… Read More ›

Invest In A Morning Routine

Do you have a personal morning routine? When talking with other people about personal and leadership development, I find that the topic isn’t addressed all that much. Still, there are people who are curious about whether a morning routine would… Read More ›

La routine: bouton d’amorçage de la journée!

Avez-vous une routine personnelle du matin? Lors de mes échanges avec d’autres personnes au sujet du développement du leadership, j’ai constaté que la question n’était pas souvent abordée. Il y a quand même des gens qui sont curieux à savoir… Read More ›

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