Little Wins That Have Impact

Change. Transform. Innovate. These are words that echo in many school hallways and staff lounges. They are written in countless articles and blog posts, and mentioned in many books, videos and podcast episodes. In our school, we are not only talking about change, transformation, and innovation, but we have begun the journey to live them … More Little Wins That Have Impact

The WHO of our WHY

This past August and September, I experienced a different start to the school year: after 4 years of being on detachment to the Ministry of Education, I have resumed my duties as a school principal. And what a wonderful school it is! The annual return to the classroom for a school team can be similar, … More The WHO of our WHY

Keeping The Positive Energy Tank Full

For a school principal, the beginning of August often signals the restart of being in the “new school year” mode. It’s a time for reflection, goal setting, and planning. A time to refine the educational projects we plan to do with our students, their parents, and our staff. It’s also a time when our positive … More Keeping The Positive Energy Tank Full

Redefining Systems For Learning

For the past 6 months I have developed the habit of listening to podcasts during the cardio portion of my workouts at the gym. I have been getting a lot of satisfaction out of it, both personally and professionally. One that is on my favorites list is Danny “Sunshine” Bauer’s podcast Better Leaders Better Schools. I … More Redefining Systems For Learning

What Can Your Habits Do For Others?

A few months ago a colleague recommended reading the book The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever. So I headed over to Amazon and ordered what would become my Christmas holiday read. Overall, I enjoyed the book. Michael Bungay Stanier shares with us in a straight-to-the-point kind of … More What Can Your Habits Do For Others?

How do you define success?

We all know that success can be defined in different ways. It often depends on an individual’s point of view, past experiences, how they were brought up, or even their mindset. Some believe that success is measured by assets, wealth, or trophies. Others are content with just the essentials and feel very successful in life. Some … More How do you define success?

A Leader’s Code

What does it take to be a good leader? Do we find similar characteristics, actions and attitudes among people who are recognized as good leaders? A simple Google search on leadership generates more than 800 million results: articles, photos, videos, even “secret” leadership codes. There is no shortage of information. However, I do not believe there is … More A Leader’s Code

Garder la barre haute

Gardons-nous la barre haute en éducation? Pas juste face à nos attentes envers les élèves. Il faut creuser plus loin que ça. Il faut questionner plus loin que ça. Notre intention d’offrir une éducation de qualité est bonne, même noble, et ce n’est que rarement que je rencontre un pédagogue pour qui «garder la barre élevée», bien, qu’il … More Garder la barre haute

Small Change = Big Gains

(In this post, I am simply thinking out loud. This idea has been running in my mind for quite some time now, and I’ve had many great discussions about it with superintendents, principals, teachers and parents. I would love to know what you think !) One of the biggest challenges that I faced as a … More Small Change = Big Gains