Creative or ReaCtive?

Creativity is what allows a leader to be in perpetual change. If we do not experience changes, we are not growing. This constant growth is necessary in order to equip leaders to accompany others to grow, to change, to be a better version of themselves.

I am grateful for the successes in my life, both personally and professionally. These beautiful moments feed me both as a person and as a leader, and motivate me to want to go further. However, if I want to grow, I cannot always rely on yesterday’s successes. Being comfortable with inertia is the worst enemy of growth, and that’s why I want to continually push myself to create new things. And to create something new, it takes creativity.

Change is not easy. It’s often uncomfortable, takes effort, and sometimes doesn’t come naturally. I like comparing it to adopting a new golf swing. It is necessary to improve my game.

When faced with a change, what posture do you adopt: are you rather creative, or reactive? Both words have the same amount of letters. Actually, they both have the same letters! The only difference is where the letter “c” is located. Here’s an interesting strategy that you can try when faced with a change that can help you stay in growth mode. I read it in a book from John Maxwell called “No Limits“.

Suppose the letter “c” represents the word “challenge”, which is the change you need to make. Faced with this challenge, how will you handle yourself? Will you place the “c” in the middle and be “reaCtive”, or will you place the “c” as the first letter in order to be “Creative”? For my part, I always opt for the word creative: that’s how I perceive a challenge. My growth mindset takes over. This leaves room for positivism, optimism, and my creativity to be able to come up with new solutions. I intentionally use this strategy when looking for areas in my life where a change would allow me to grow. I do not accept inertia, because for me, if there is no growth (change), I’m not living up to my full potential.

I invite you to explore the facets of your life and find where you can make a change to grow. Even if you are comfortable where you are at now and it requires sacrifice, it is a small price to pay to be in perpetual growth. The benefits will as beneficial to you as it will be for the people around you.

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