This Is Leadership – EP20: Jonathan Nalder

Twitter: @jnxyz

In this episode, I connect with Jonathan Nalder – educator, storyteller, and Edunaut in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Jonathan talks to us about STEM Punks and the work that he is doing in schools around cross-curriculum planning and learning. We talk about the impact of chatbots and how they can be used to leverage powerful learning. Jonathan provides us with a preview of his upcoming book entitled Design Thinking 5.0.

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Through 23 years in Education, Jonathan ‘the Edunaut’ has been at the bleeding edge of learning how digital tools (STEM, AR/VR, AI, environment sensors) and a focus on our humanity can boost the success of students everywhere. He has also learned by working with luminaries such as Dr Rubin Puentedura (SAMR), Dr Larry Johnson (NMC) and Prof Stephen Heppell (Learnometer), the FutureWe Community, and his current role as Chief Futures Officer at STEM Punks, how tools alone are not enough – but must be combined with futures thinking to truly transform lives.

To this end Jonathan is writing the first book in a series for fellow ‘Edunauts’ to be titled ‘Design Thinking 5.0’.  He is a globally awarded Innovator, Mars Society Ambassador, ISTE online presenter and CoSpaces and Merge Edu Ambassador.




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