This Is Leadership – EP16: Lisa Lamoureux-Collins

In this episode, I connect with Lisa Lamoureux-Collins, System Principal of Student Well-Being and Equity at the Near North District School Board in North Bay, Ontario Canada. Lisa is also the former President of the Ontario Principals Council.

Lisa talks to us about the challenges of shifting from online to in-person learning and the power of mentorship. She touches on the complex evolution of the principalship and its impact on leaders. Lisa and I discuss how crucial it is for leaders to invest in their continuous growth intentionally.

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Lisa Lamoureux-Collins began her career with the Near North District School Board in 1998 as
an Educational Assistant supporting students with a variety of physical and intellectual
disabilities. Lisa then went on to teach in both the English and French Immersion streams. Lisa
has always had a strong passion for Special Education, growing up with two siblings with special
needs and working as an Educational Assistant provided her a great interest in working as a
Special Education teacher where she could use her background and experience to support
students in reaching their full potential as learners. Collectively, these experiences contributed
to Lisa wanting to reach the entire school community and beyond. As a school Principal for the
last twelve years, Lisa has led several diverse school communities supporting her in facing the
different challenges and rewards both large urban school communities and smaller rural
communities face.
Lisa has also worked with the Ontario Principals Council since 2016 serving many roles including
Councillor, Member at Large, Vice President and President Elect. Lisa was seconded from the
Near North District School Board for the 2021-2022 school year to serve as President of the
Ontario Principals Council. In her role as President, Lisa had the opportunity to visit districts
across the province and collaborate with educational stakeholders from across the province
and around the world. Lisa returned to the Near North District School Board in August 2022 and
is presently the System Principal of Student Well-Being and Equity. Lisa looks forward to
continuing her learning journey in education and the many opportunities to support her
colleagues in education as well as student achievement and well-being.



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